CONGRATULATIONS! You have stumbled upon the joke-page made originally by Wolkarno as a test… It was too good to delete. SO, for finding this page you are awarded +5 awesome points! And you get to experience the amazingly non-politically correct humor – Enjoy!


Species: Red Fox

Gender: Female

Height: 170cm/~5.6′

Weight: 65kg/143Lb’s


Amber is a kind, smart individual who greatly suffers for having some hetero shit, that makes her eyes different colors (Black and asian). And thus, her journey starts with her black gf with wings of a husky type.


Amber’s No-Brainers

LIKES: Hanging with the boys, boying with the hangs, showers, shaveing and Ted Cruize

DISLIKES: Jews, Malasians, Somalia, George Cloonie, Jews,Yamakas, Jacksfilms, Man, Coins, ManCoins and Furr (she’s alergic)