Two gals – one apartment. A haven of literary and digital adventures… and perhaps some things more. Amber, libraries’ most wanted heterochromiac fox, enjoys the companionship of books as much as Aisty, her winged husky roommate, loves to lurk the cyber horizon. Similar yet different, their days rarely see much needed tranquility. Privacy? What’s that?

Odd things happen in a small town to the most unlikely of people. A diligent accountant, April, spends her days with the usual grind. Up until she finds her long lost childhood friend, Rachel, confined within the cold walls of a psychiatric hospital. Rachel, struck by amnesia, needs all the care of her fateful companion – no matter the cost.

Is friendship really capable of mending that which was not helped by therapy or chemistry? is the long-promised stand-alone website, housing webcomics, merchandise info and much more. It is the home and base of operations for current and future projects.
The author of the ANB and PBS webcomics, Dovydas Širvinskas (A.K.A. Mancoin, PlayFennec), is a hobbyist artist from Lithuania (Eastern Europe), who most likely has way too many projects for his own good.
He can also be found on: DeviantART, InkBunnyFurAffinity, SoFurryWeasyl, Youtube
The website was built by Wolkarno (Cheers mate!)